Animal Prince is an Oakland based duo comprised of
Fae Nageon de Lestang and Grant McLeod. Animal Prince’s eclectic style is a product of their diverse musical backgrounds. Their brand of tropical symph-pop is influenced by jazz, disco, and the mysteries of our universe.  

Fae and Grant met at a jazz night in their college town of Gainesville, FL and quickly became creative partners. After Grant approached Fae to join a blues-funk combo, she tapped into her vocal prowess and repurposed her classical violin training for more adventurous sounds. Grant, a jazz drummer, has been in projects from ambient experimental to deep funk, where he moonlighted as a chicken-suit wearing hype man. The two have collaborated for the past decade on projects ranging from art installations and festivals to community activism, culminating in the formation of Animal Prince. 

Animal Prince has appeared at major music festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, and High Sierra Music Festival. Their performances are an ultra sensory experience, transporting listeners to unique environments with synth-heavy dance beats, vibrant textures, and colorful melodies.

Their relocation to the Bay Area spurred the release of their first single “Like a Dream” (2018). Animal Prince’s upcoming debut EP, “Liquid Sights and Sounds” (2020), is a collaboration with the Atlanta based jazztronica duo Bells & Robes. Liquid Sights and Sounds is inspired by exploring the common thread between humans and their natural soundings, weaving a journey through vivid coral reefs to the cosmos itself.

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